Digitally Crafted Dentures in Baton Rouge

A special focus of our practice is bringing smiles to patients with denture problems. Having previously owned and operated a denture lab, Dr. Zobrist understands the difficulties that many patients with dentures experience, and has since devoted a significant portion of his practice to improving denture comfort and care.

By utilizing CAD/CAM technology versus traditional methods, Dr. Zobrist has developed a unique process to design and create natural-looking dentures that fit better and are more durable. To begin, a 3D printed copy of the patient’s original denture or an impression is made as a starting point to design the new denture. This digitally printed copy denture is then modified to correct any deficiencies in the teeth or denture base. It is then lined with an impression material that slowly conforms to provide a very accurate impression of the mouth. This trial denture is then digitally scanned and a prototype denture is designed and created, which is evaluated for appearance, fit and function. This Prototype denture can be worn home and used by the patient for several weeks. This customized technique allows Dr. Zobrist to pinpoint any concerns that the patient might have before the final denture is fabricated.

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Benefits of Digitally Crafted Dentures:

  • CAD-CAM technology eliminates human error and contributes to the most precise, comfortable fit possible.
  • Improved aesthetics are possible not only with the materials used but by the ability to digitally position the teeth in a more natural appearance.
  • A digital prototype can be worn home and tried out to identify any concerns or make changes the patient may want.
  • Digital dentures are up to 8x stronger than their traditionally fabricated counterparts. These new high tech materials have exceptional hardness and wear resistance making your new denture chew better and last longer than ever before.
  • This more durable material also allows us to provide you with a thinner denture base and a better bond between the base and the tooth which helps prevent the teeth from coming loose or breaking off of the base.
  • As these dentures are more bio-hygienic, being less porous, they reduce mouth irritations and odors.
  • Digital denture technology can be used to create both implant-supported and non-implant prosthetics.
  • A permanent digital record of the final denture is stored which can be used in the future if a replacement or duplicate denture is required.
  • In the future if changes are wanted or needed, this denture can be the prototype to start from, saving both time and money.

Duplicate Dentures

To save you the discomfort and embarrassment of enduring a broken denture, or worse yet, a lost denture, It may be wise to consider having a duplicate set of dentures made for a small fee. This denture makes it possible to keep a spare set of dentures just in case the original  denture is lost or must be sent out for repair.  Digitally duplicated dentures save the inconvenience of having to the whole process over again as well as large cost savings.

Other Denture Services

In addition to designing new dentures, we offer many other helpful solutions for patients with dentures or partials. These include:

  • Relining loose or sore dentures and partials which no longer fit well
  • Repair cracked, broken, or worn dentures and partials
  • Replace missing or chipped teeth
  • Implant options to stabilize loose dentures
  • Most often dentures and partials can be repaired on-site the same day 

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